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tude58;51443 wrote:

Olive oil and lemon juice. Any good vege juices are very helpful. Milk thistle could be considered a must. Molybdenum with pantethine (b5) are both needed to create the enzyme that detoxs a bad candida toxin, aldehyde. Do the olive oil last. Lemon is great in vege juices. Ive been reading up on LIV52 lately but have yet to try it, you might want to look into it.

I have two bottles of LIV52 and they are expired. Any thoughts on if they still may be good? They are sealed and I am on a budget struggling with liver problems also

I dont think it would hurt to take them, just might not be as effective. In your case I wouldnt start back on antifungals until you can get moly/pantethine. 300 mg moly and 500 mg pantethine in divided doses daily. It would probably be a good idea to wait until the liver pain has subsided for a while as well. Take it easy on yourself.