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Hi Diane, like the name! I’m Diane too. 😉

As for your questions:

1. After I have finished with the cleanse do I go to stage 1 of the diet or is this stage 1?
2. If so what sort of foods can I eat and for how long do I stay on stage 1 of the diet?
3. Do I keep taking the psyllium husk and bentonite throughout the whole diet, if not at which stage do I stop?
4.This is the hardest one for me, I live in the Netherlands and most of the stuff that you mentioned on the forum I will not find here, e.g. Digestive Grape Seed, Bragg Fluid Aminos etc etc, would you advice a good site where I could buy them as well as the rest of the great supplements?
5. Most important of all, what sort of regime of antifungals, herbal supplements and vitamins do you recommend? How many sorts? how many can one take?

Since I’m not actually following the exact advice of this site (I just discovered it and this forum yesterday) I can’t really answer questions 1 through 3 for you, except to say for 3 it seems like the intent behind the treatment is to wash away any stuck on residue in your intestinal tract. I’m going to try it myself for a day in the middle of my cleanse just to see if it helps.
4 – I don’t know of a good website, but I would say go for high quality product first, then shop the site that provides most or all if you can find it. The individual products that my naturopath has recommended for me in the past have been:
– Joy of the mountains Oil of Oregano: Certified organic locally (british columbia, canada) contains 75 to 85% carvacrol. Possible other local oregano oils will work for you too, but this is the one my naturopath SWEARS by and recommends to others constantly. I swear if it wasn’t for taking this as much as possible in the early stages of pneumonia before I knew what it was, I would have been a LOT sicker and almost certainly in the hospital. It was only when I started feeling better that I had the energy to go see the doctor.

these are from pictures so the label is fuzzy but…
– Thorne multivitamins – multi-encap: i think the brand name is thorne research or something. they are pharmaceutical grade.
– integrative (i think the second word is technologies…) yeast formula. It also says premiere science on the label.

From the Ayurvedic practitioner I saw:
He recommended the Candigone kit, which I am currently using in my 2nd round. Worked like a charm the first time, by the 13th day everyone was commenting on why the hell was I hopping around like an energizer bunny, where did all the energy come from? Plus my skin cleared up immensely. Yes, I did change my diet permanently for the better afterwards. But I was still adding bad stuff in coffee, bread, etc, from time to time.
I’m using it again right now and am in my 10th of 15 days. My skin’s at that wonderful ‘halellujah I finally look somewhat healthy again’ phase. Love it.

From my own research
– I also used New roots caprylic acid plus once and liked it, but that wasn’t based on my naturopath’s recommendation. I probably used it too long myself though because I didn’t realize I should have been taking resistance into account as I used it. And it seemed to not work as well for me over time. I’m a little worried that the kit I’m using the second time around now has been made slightly less effective by this, but at least I only took one type of anti-fungal like this! 🙂

For the regime: If using individual items, I would switch up the antifungals, use a few at a time, and then switch to another two every one or two weeks to avoid resistance. OR look for a good kit that includes them all. I’ve only used the candigone and the yeast balance, but the candigone from renewlife was fabulous for me which is why I’m taking it again. I may switch to yeast balance again if I can find it to try and switch up my therapy, but I think I’ll call their help line first before I do (they have a HELP line!) This kit includes 16 different anti-fungals, so I think it may have some of the ones your looking for already included and may be a cheaper buy.

Also if you have thrush like me, I’ve been using the oil of oregano drops in my mouth and invested in a simple tongue scraper (best 2$ I ever spent). I have gone from an unbelievably icky pasty white thick covering to one where I almost see pink coming through. The oregano oil in the mouth is INTENSE but you get *somewhat* used to it. If you put it under your tongue its the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream, which is how I habitually take it, but during this cleanse I daily a) scrape my tongue b) apply a drop of oregano oil under my tongue and one on top. Quickly take in just a teeny weeny bit of water and swish all around. c) hold it in my mouth for as long as I can until I-just-cant-take-it-anymore. d) spit and rinse e) floss and brush my teeth. Also good for your immune system.

I know that its very important to take probiotics however which would you recommend?

– acidophilus pearls by enzymatic therapy: Come in a blue box. I’ve used this product for years religiously, and when I started their patented “true delivery” technology was why I bought and kept buying this. That and whenever I stopped using it for a couple days, my stomach let me know pretty quick! I don’t know if their patent has run out and become generic now because I see so many other alternatives on the market in Canada now and for much cheaper. This brand is now harder to find for me, but this was the stuff I used because my naturopath explained the coating on it was what made sure the acidopholus cultures actually reached my gut and were effective as opposed to dying the stomach. I think I’m still going to stick with this brand but I’m going to order the IC (intensive care) variation of the standard pearls online. I used to pay 20 CDN for 30 pills but now there are 90 pill boxes on websites for only about 26 or so!!! Awesome!! I WILL take a probiotic for the rest of my life, food just doesn’t have enough of it naturally anymore.

Hope this helps! good health to you!