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Angor wrote: Hi Sally and good work coming so far with the treatment. I’m also thin, though in my oppinion, normal weight, and this diet isn’t causing me to loose weight at all since I’m eating a lot of fat. I cook everything with ghee, add ghee as “dipping sauce”, cook whipped egg with ghee in the oven. I’m also eating lots and lots of coconut oil and take a spoonful of olive oil a day. Can you tolerate Creamed Coconut? If so, melt ant eat with your meals, or you can even use it to make an ice cream like dessert. My tip in short, just add more fat.

Do you bake any of the bread recepies on the site? That’s also an idea. Filling, healthy and will help you keep your weight. I can unfortunatly not tolerate any of the flours on the list, but maybe you can.

Thanks, Angor! I definitely check out the bread recipes. I am curious about the creamed coconut. How do I find this (recipe or purchase?) I use coconut oil in everything and take it daily. I forgot about ghee and will try that also. Your suggestions are so appreciated!