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sallyf024 wrote: Can anyone out there translate this for me?

À mon avis, vous consommez trop de fibres dans votre alimentation et en prenant beaucoup d’œufs n’est pas une solution, car seuls les œufs construit et répare vos cellules car il contient taux élevé de protéines. Dans le cas d’une accumulation de graisses, vous avez besoin pour consommer les graisses et les glucides beaucoup. Avoir l’huile de poisson dans votre alimentation vous seront très utiles. Je recommande aussi de ne pas prendre beaucoup d’exercice physique pour permettre à votre corps processus de la graisse et le stocker à l’intérieur.

Initially, assumed it was spam. However, google translate says:

In my opinion, you eat too much fiber in your diet and taking plenty of eggs is not a solution, because only eggs builds and repairs your cells because it contains high protein. In the case of an accumulation of fat, you need to consume fats and carbohydrates much. Have fish oil in your diet will be very useful. I also recommend not to take plenty of exercise to help your body process fat and store it inside.

Thank you for sharing how the endoscopes proved candida (thought perhaps it came from biopsies). No one ever picked up on candida from either visual or biopsies in my case and I even was an early test subject to the camera pill endoscopy. It’s frustrating to think of all the waste associated with scopes/tests/MD’s who either didn’t find something, or found something to treat which proved negative. Most if not all the treatments only worsened my condition.

You should feel blessed the one Dr. was able to come to the candida dx for you as I lost 8 years along my journey since it got me very ill but, was ill at least a decade prior.

I would be surprised if you don’t have several underlying conditions which either caused candida or is from candida (which came first, scenarios). One which is a defo I’m trying to address without much luck presently is adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid. DO you suffer from either night sweats or low body temps? Best to take basal temps (first thing waking up) to determine if this is an issue. I didn’t realize how low my body temps were unless I was shivering: several others have reported the same thing. From what I’ve come across, many candida sufferers have low body temps. There are other forum posters who are far more qualified in addressing these conditions, testing and corrective treatment but, I’d be surprised if most if not all candida patients don’t have or will have issues with their endocrine systems. Heavily restricted diets alone can cause enough stress on weakened systems to throw them inot this state, from my limited understanding.

I’m NO EXPERT, only another sufferer trying to learn enough to help navigate their own healing path forward; if possible. Take what you will and leave the rest. I’m not trying to scare you but, it’s far better to be aware now, than be in a tighter pinch later on down the line.

Blessings back to you….and yours.