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Hang in there Loren. Being on the program for a couple of months, but having a lot of experience in detoxing, I gotta ask you, have you cheated much in 7 weeks. The reason I ask is, being a vegan, I was stubborn, not wanting to replace my pasta, as the substitutes weren’t very appealing, but getting tired of the same old symptoms made me switch to buckwheat, after trying pasta with 40% buckwheat, but the symptoms stayed. Could be I was still detoxing as no one really knows they’re done detoxing until the symptoms have ended long enough for one to be satisfied, and each of us unique in that status quo.

Detoxing can be scary, but that comes mainly out of not knowing how many strange ways the body gets rid of toxins. Once you read about all the various ways the body gets rid of these toxins, which have to be in the hundreds, you get to understand there are so many variables, which allow different symptoms of detoxing. However other things may be happening to you that may be serious, so only you are the ultimate judge, as again, what you think may be detoxing could be the body telling you other things. Only you know if it’s something different than detoxing, and if that something is serious enough for you to be concerned and asking a pro.

Detoxing again though can be scary and as the means of detoxing are many and so are the ways, so only a good naturopath can give you reasons, as they know the body very well. Mine has been a huge help to me, even though I can barely afford her. I’ve heard though that naturopaths, if they’ve taken a certain test on pharmaceuticals, can write them are now covered my most insurance coverages. If you can find a naturopath that you feel comfortable with, I don’t think there’s too many questions they can’t answer. I know mine is very knowledgeable.