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Hello Teabon,

It sounds like your naturopath is pretty good except for the fact that he says beef is OK on the diet. Beef really can cause chronic constipation because it takes up to 2 or more days to digest. Chicken and fish take hours to digest. If you were to cut out beef and replace with chicken or fish, you likely will notice that you’ll feel a lot better.

The standard process supplements are some of the highest quality out there so I wouldn’t worry about them too much.

Echinacea in general boosts the immune system and it has a wide variety of properties…should generally bring benefit.

I tell most forum members to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth so you have a long ways to go until you become symptom free. Each and every week you should notice progress though and all of your women problems should reduce or go away in time. It just takes a long time which is a problem because the diet isn’t all that enjoyable as you can see.

I wouldn’t worry about stage 2 until you become symptom free or all of your problems have improved or gone away. For me, this took about 6-9 months and I had a heavy infestation. You might be able to start earlier than me because your infestation might not be very bad right now.

It sounds like you potentially have a medium/light infestation compared to the rest of us based on your levels of die-off. Since you are younger and haven’t consumed alcohol like us older people, your liver is likely in good condition. You typically only get die-off if your liver doesn’t detox properly and/or when you take large doses of antifungals.

What are all of the supplements you are taking? What probiotics are you taking? Is your naturopath limited in what he can prescribe because of your income?

You can easily start adding in more foods as you get better and you haven’t fully explored all of the options available to you on the diet. I can give you all sorts of ideas of alternative things to eat if you are interested.