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raster;52181 wrote: Candida can be very debilitating and it can take a long time to recover. Considering how often you poop, this is not a good thing. Almost all western doctors including the mayo clinic, do not ask about digestion and do not treat digestive disorders.

Most western health facilities do not know much about candida and think its not a big deal. The only unfortunate thing is it has been more studied than cancer, there have been over 60,000 studies on candida in the last 60 years which is about one per day average. This is more than cancer.

It is a serious illness and is often undiagnosed because there isn’t many drugs that can cure or address the problem. What drug helps you digest your food better? What drug kills the candida with no side effects? There isn’t one…

Because your digestion is poor, its like crapping in a toilet without flushing for a week. What happens after that one week? Its gross. That is what is happening in your body essentially. Your liver is cleaning up the mess and sometimes it has a hard time doing its job so you essentially feel toxic.

There are various causes to all of this but it partially could come down to personal habits such as how much you chew your food. If you eat very quickly, the food isn’t broken down and your body has a hard time absorbing it and digesting it. If you chew your food 20-30 times per each bite, this will increase the surface area of the food you eat allowing it digest more easily.

Then their is the fatigue part. This can be influenced by personal habits such as how much caffeine you drink, alcohol, drugs, amount of sleep, sex life (activity), thyroid health, liver health, etc. It sounds like your job could be stressful and physically demanding so you likely wore yourself down allowing for whatever you have to creep in and take over. Then if you don’t drink enough water and eat a poor diet…well you are bound to break down over time.

Then their are other factors that are unique to you. Antibiotics are in general overly prescribed, and these destroy your beneficial bacteria. When the bacterial balance in the gut diminishes, then bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc. can repopulate unchecked. So if you ever took antibiotics (almost everyone has) this could have been what caused this in the first place and then you slowly got worse over time due to personal habits, etc.

I can go on and on but I am just trying to get your head wrapped around why you are here and why you should take this seriously…because your digestion is essentially your immune health.

There are a whole host of things similar to yeast overgrowth (also known as candida related complex) such as h.pylori, sibo, parasites, microbial overgrowth, strept, etc. so it might not be candida. We don’t know. However its very common and underdiagnosed. All of those problems I just mentioned can be caused by the same factors…poor digestion and prior antibiotic use, so there is a whole complex of problems that you may have that are similar to candida.


Wow thank you.

If western doctors don’t know much about digestive disorders, who can I see for help?