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Just read your whole message, and I don’t know why, but it made me break out in tears. lol. Actually, it’s because I feel the SAME way, and I was worried that I was one of the only people my age to have these symptoms. Most people that I’ve seen who are writing these articles sound like they are at least 35+. I am 22, and I’ve been feeling this way (depressed, chronically tired, irritable, MAJOR stomach problems, the list goes on and on) for a very long time.

My parents and I have tried our best to figure out what is “wrong” with me. I was a very sickly child (pneumonia, asthma, flu, constant colds), so I pretty much was on antibiotics ever since I popped outta Mom’s tummy. I think that attributes to my candida symptoms, and probably coincides with my stomach issues.

When I was 6 years old, my pediatrician told my parents that I would wake up in the night crying about my stomach pain because “I am an only child and wanted attention. There’s nothing wrong medically”. Thank God my parents stopped taking me to that doctor after that!

I’ve been to so many gastroenterologists in my life that it’s not even funny. I had my gallbladder taken out when I was 10 because my doctors thought that it was malfunctioning. However, taking it out only stopped the sharp, stabbing pains I would get in my side, but did nothing for any of my other symptoms.

I am constantly tired, dizzy, sensitive to pretty much all foods, have HORRIBLE dandruff, thinning hair that was once very thick and healthy, acne, and have all the stomach and digestion problems I can think of! All of these things have only gotten worse. Even started having the rectal itching problem you were talking about. =/

My blood tests (I have not done a stool analysis) are also very similar to yours. My adrenal glands and hormone levels are also pretty awesome, like yours 🙂 From my health reports, I seem like a perfectly healthy young adult, but that just isn’t true.

I finally went to a holistic doctor, and he was convinced I had candida overgrowth and intestinal parasites. He has put me on some herbs from Premier Research Labs, coffee enemas and castor oil pack treatment. As for diet changes, he told me to simply avoid sugar and fermented foods. Apparently eggs and meat (except pork, but I don’t eat it anyway) are okay. One thing I’ve found in my research on this subject is that everyone has completely contrasting stances on certain foods, but the one thing that I have found in common is that we MUST restrict sugar. Parasites and candida thrive on glucose as their major source of energy. Anyhow, all of the items I mentioned above, I bought about 6 months ago, but I am just recently starting my cleansing routine. I have not tried the enema yet (sticking something up my bum just sounds weird), but I can let you know how I feel after that. I also hear that SF722 from Thorne Research is great for getting rid of vaginal fungal issues and it’s supposed to be more potent that caprylic acid in coconut oil. Have you tried that?

Also, one more thing that might sound odd. Have you tried to wash your bum with water after you use the bathroom? This is a very regular practice in my culture. It REALLY helps maintain great hygiene and you will feel very clean. Also helps relieve the itching somewhat. Basically, we take a small watering can kind of like this:

and you fill it halfway with lukewarm water. And after you finish your business, while still on the toilet, you position the watering spout towards your, uh, area and wash away any lingering stuff. If you dont’ have a watering can, I suppose you could use a plastic cup, but it’s harder to use since it doesn’t have a spout. I hope all that made sense lol.

Right now I am studying for my MCAT exam (medical school entrance exam in the U.S.), and all I can think of is how I want to become a doctor and help people with candida/parasite problems some day. Medical school does not teach about how common parasitic and candida infections are, and I really feel like this should be more widely known. But I need to help myself first! I can barely function without sugar (I TOTALLY feel your pain) when I’m studying, so I don’t know how I’m going to be able to continue this diet, but I am trying.

WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! We have to! We are still YOUNG and beautiful (even though my lovely parasite have majorly mucked up my skin lol). I cannot believe your friend was talking behind your back; that’s just horrible!! I can totally empathize with you on worrying too much about what other people think…but really, we have to focus on ourselves first so that we can get better. If we focus too much on what other people are saying behind our backs, that stresses our bodies out even more!

I wish you the best of luck!! I wish I could help you out with this, but I really have just started to follow this routine. I will update on my progress. Keep in touch, and take care!!