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Hi, there. I’m sorry you’ve had such a time with these symptoms, but I think you’re on the right track by coming to this website. Eliminating your sugars (including fruits) for a little while and also reducing your overall carbs will help tremendously in getting your vaginal yeast under control. Read the info about the diet on this site. You can also check out for similar, but slightly different, information.

Besides the diet, plain yogurt is one of your best allies right now. Even though it’s not listed on the approved foods lists, when I had a mild vaginal infection, I ate 8 oz. of **organic**, plain yogurt daily. The organic part is important because it won’t contain harmful antibiotics that kill of the good bacteria you’re trying to reestablish. Also, you can do a google search and read up on using organic plain yogurt as a kind of medicine to be applied directly to, in, and around your vagina. I know, it sounds bizarro, but it’s a non-drug rememdy that had been used for years and years.

I hope this helps you!