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orka1998 wrote: I’ve been taking between 3 and 4 quarts of water/lemon water/tea daily (and this is not counting having clear soups for lunch and/or dinner), but I am constantly feeling dehydrated. Sometimes my mouth is completely dry and it feels that whatever I drink just comes out through urine. There are days where I do have some saliva produced in my mouth but still my mouth feels dry and I am constantly thirsty. Also, weight wise I look worse because I have a feeling there is no water within my body, or not as much as it should be.

I wanted to cross check if anyone else experiences this or is it just me? If you had it, did you get rid of it and did it go away with getting candida under control or did you do something else to get rid of it.

I tried to drink slow, fast, I’m taking cal/mag/zinc etc. I did notice it getting somewhat better after having kefir. Perhaps I am missing potassium? But shouldn’t 500-750ml of kefir replenish it? Or maybe one of the other supplements are getting in the way of getting some minerals from the food?

I was dehydrated before the treatment because I had diarrhea for 4 months. Now I don’t have diarrhea although my BM is not really formed well at times. Anyone knows why is all this water leaving my body? Are any of the supplements acting as diuretics to help toxins leave our body? I know nettle tea is diuretic so I am careful and have one to two cups per day no more.

Thanks in advance for your input!


When do you get this? I feel so dehydrated upon waking up….