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I’m sorry to hear this happen to you. I guess you learned your lesson that western medicine has major flaws across the board and that its very difficult to find a doctor that understands candida and how to treat it. I learned this early on when I told the doctors I was poisoned by the mold in my apartment. They couldn’t do squat even though mold poisoning has been thoroughly researched (it messes you up).

For the same price you could’ve purchase a few months worth the supplements; stuff from thorne, standard process, integrative thereaputics, etc. If you visit their websites and check out their product lines, you’ll see that there is a whole industry built around treating candida and related health problems. Its just about finding someone who can use these tools and know how to use them for your specific version of candida.

For the same price you could’ve also have gotten the genova diagnostics candida immune complex test that’ll give you hormone levels plus some acupuncture and sauna treatments on top of it.

Its just money that you didn’t have and I feel your woes because I was out of work (for 2 years), unhealthy, and I became a cesspool with my lifestyle, thoughts, and mentality. Right before I was about to give up I ended up getting my old job back that ended up being my life preserver. Things can only get better.