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Oggymix;54353 wrote: Good video link, thanx! Watched candida video, made me think. Dr. suggests complex sugars are bad. So apple and orange should be better than buckwheat and millet. I eat them all little with no problems. Grains i mix with different antifungal spices.
Hmm.. mabe it is better to eat fruits really. At least they are more alive than grains. By yoga fruit contains prana too.
Different teas i drink most of the time also, and maca powder, lemon or probiotics with water. Biotics separatly from spices.
The olny thing i was worried about that he said sulfur is bad and so MSM. I use it every morning with lemon and glucosamine, havent noticed really bad effect..

I completely agree about the fruit and prana. Doc calls fruit “electric” 😀

Your so lucky you have those choices,though. Sounds like you wont have too much trouble getting things under control.

I know what you mean about the sulfur…I was freaking out because as a vegan my foods are super high in sulfur! Heres what I learned about that though-
I have watched literally HOURS of Morse videos, and he states in a few that sulfur from foods is much easier kept in check (because some sulfur is good for us) than supplements.
If you are supplementing, give yourself regular breaks from them. Or look for food exchanges?
He also says that a pain in the back of your head is usually too much sulfur.If no pain, your probably perfectly OK. I know garlic is very high in sulfur.

I resonate with most of his advice.
But even he told me that if fruit is hard because the fungus is so high, then do mostly veggies and take the antifungals until you can tolerate a few pieces of fruit.
He also says the berries and food choices he recommends act as prebiotics, he is not a huge fan of taking probiotics.
Personally I think you become a huge fan when your body is totally wiped out of them! lol

I have to say, red grapes,berries and pomegranates seem to help,not hurt….
but im sure everyone is at different stages.
One of these days im going to do a grape fast, but I definitely need to be further along than I am <3