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Vegan Catlady
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raster;54244 wrote: You are incorrect about her reaction being die-off, even though its the same symptoms. Her reaction is an allergic reaction or inflammatory(leaky gut) reaction and your reaction is called a herxheimer reaction. Big difference but similar symptoms…coconut milk is not antifungal from my knowledge of it.


Your likely right raster, but I would like clarification on how you know that her reaction is her leaky gut.
If they both have similar symptoms, how do you know which is reacting?
Im asking because I want to be better educated.

I called So Delicious in the beginning of January, because i tried coconut oil and had die off with it, and wanted to know if the fat in the milk (and there is indeed fat) contains coconut oil.
They told me (possibly incorrectly, but they said it none the less)that I would find the same properties in a lesser amount,in the milk, yogurt, and coffee creamer.

This makes sense *if* the coconut milkfat contains the butter/fat that they derive the oil from.
If not, then maybe the whole coconut has slight antifungal properties?

About peanut-butter toast-
Here is where this forum/Candida Diet Page gets really contrary: some say when you begin feeling better, test what works for you, what you can eat and what you react to,since we are all different.

If you dont eat things not on the diet, then how do we ever find that answer?

I get that yeast can adapt, but this implies you can never be free from infection, because you could potentially be adapting the candida at every turn. There is no clear-cut flag that says you are now ready to move forward. Nothing about this is clear-cut.
I wish it was, I deal better with a schedule.

Alot of this healing protocol also implies the body cannot heal on its own, as evidenced by the amount of time most people here have suffered. That tells me that either the body cannot indeed heal on its own, or that there might be another way that isnt being explored to its potential.

I dont rely on the search-engine here to research since it is VERY faulty, but also because the same topics have evolved today to reflect more invested time and experience by those of you who have been here a while.

I actually get more out of this forum when (like a pest) I post back questions 🙂