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Vegan Catlady
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Debellen;54387 wrote: Maybe I will try one or both, don’t know for sure. I am positive my tummy has never healed properly. By the time we figured out gluten (my sister was diagnosed in March, me in July of 2000) I had already been sick for many years, maybe all my life. I do not remember feeling good my entire adult life and I will be 59 this year. As many years as I was so sick, I’m sure the damage will be stubborn to go. My vitamin and mineral deficiencies were so bad back then and before diagnosis. I’m sure most of my issues spring from gluten to begin with. Once the gluten was gone, then the other intolerances started showing their ugly faces.

We do what we must do, don’t we?

I hear you.
I have also heard people finding complete recovery in short periods of time when they find the right thing that helps. I have hope for you.

One of my favorite places to go is
You can click on a topic and hear a 2 minute vid on any studies about food that may help or aggravate your symptoms.
Might be worth a look-see.