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Vegan Catlady
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Debellen;54373 wrote: So, I am reading that carrots are bad for me. Guess I need to give them up and see if there is any improvement. What about beets? Grapes? I thought grapes were way to high in sugar for a candida sufferer.

My diet is so limited that I can usually pinpoint exactly what set me off, which is good. It’s just once I have been set off, it takes forever to recover from that mistake.

You are correct, those foods you mentioned are all left out of the Candida Diet for sugar reasons.
At my worst point, those foods would have wrecked me.

Some fruits,like grapes, are so cleansing to the system that people will literally only eat those while detoxing with herbs. These are people with all kinds of illness, not necessarily candida.
Once the candida is brought under control, a good cleanse like a grape-fast would be awesome for no other reason than there is testimony of it cleansing the lymph,kidneys,liver,giving the digestion a rest so that it can heal further.
According to Dr Morse, once your system is working as it should be, de-gunked, keeping candida under control naturally should be easy.

I dont subscribe to carrots being a problem.
I have eaten carrots since day one with zero problem, even when I could not eat anything else.
Some say as long as carrots are not cooked, or over-cooked, they are slightly anti-fungal and even though they have natural sugar, does not pose a problem.
My experience supports that…but I have only eaten them in salads and mashed with turnips.

A small percentage (2-3,really) of us have issues for various reasons following this diet.
I want to, but I cant….not entirely. You may see conflicting info from those few, for this reason.

Im with you though-
One screw up and it takes a while to get back to better. Your not alone.
🙂 <3