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Vegan Catlady
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Your reaction to coconut milk are the same reaction I get when I get “die-off” symptoms,exactly.
I get headaches that linger all day, bad brain fog,nauseous, and REALLY bad anxiety!

I had these die off symptoms so bad one day, that I went to the hospital because I didnt know what it was (neither did they, not that they cared lol).

Im not saying that this is die-off for you, because everyone is different, but for me coconut products are whats keeping the candida under control.

*If* it happens to be die-off for you, it doesnt last. You get die-off until a certain amount of the candida gets under control. My first reaction to coconut oil was horrible! I thought my throat was closing, it got really sore, and little by little a headache creeped in that I couldnt shake.

I knew I wasnt allergic so i kept going in really small amounts, and now I am up to several teaspoons a day,all day long. No reaction to it at all!

You can research vitamin deficiencies and candida.
The results show that its difficult to tell which came first,chicken or the egg.
I tried to blame my candida on my anemia and vitamin D deficiency, but it turns out people have those deficiencies all the time without getting candida. Now add antibiotic use,even just once, to that particular situation, and you get an immune system that wont fight the candida.

You can write in to Dr Morse on youtube and he answers your issues in a video response if your interested.
It costs nothing, but it takes about 2 weeks because hundreds of people write in all the time.

He addressed my candida, I have it in my esophagus which is super tricky to treat, but what he says works because I just had a glass of lemonade and peanutbutter toast with no symptoms.
Its just going to take a long time to chip away at what took years to accumulate.

Hang in there, hope you get relief soon.