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Vegan Catlady
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Eating anything out of a box or has a wrapper is not “dealing” with candida, IMO.

Many of us are eating whole foods in their natural form to truly get a handle on a serious candida issue.


You need wholefood fiber.

Google “prebiotic foods” so that you can try to feed the good bacteria in your tummy instead of taking probiotcs.
You wont have any good bacteria if you are eating stuff that comes out of a package,though, because its feeding the candida thats crowding the good bacteria out.

If probiotics is making you ill, as in going to the bathroom too often, lighten the dosage.
Try 3 billion instead of say,20. You might consider trying different probiotic options, such as coconut cream yogurt to get those good bacterias in there. It has coconut fat in it…natural antifungal and lots of good bacteria from what the company I called says.

Do some antifungals for a week or two , and then try some probiotics again.

Natural antifungals could be coconut oil, turnips,garlic, calendula tea,ect.