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HA! This is so funny! Glad to hear others hitting the veggie wall! Man, praise God for avocados!! I tried chicken just a few pieces in my salad after about a week and a half, made me itch like crazy for two days. So cut that out. Tried Greek yogurt, nope, now my rash is super bad again!

At day four I was ready to just starve rather than eat! Had to force myself. I got some artichokes, that was a nice change. I’m thankful for the ideas though! 🙂 Made like a quiche with veggies, that was nice just a different way to eat, and an omelet. Ah…the salad thing is really killing me though! 🙂

Glad to hear of others hanging in there. I know that over all I “think” I’m getting better? Only the Lord knows?! 🙂 We will see?! When I get home from my trip I will be starting the C. oil and O. oil on a daily basis. Just don’t want to have major die-off for my trip home. My skin is already bad enough!

Well everybody, thanks for sharing! Made me laugh! 🙂