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Hey Kelandu,

Glad you have posted on this website to get some support, it’s nigh on impossible without someone to quiz, so keep firing away!

You’re right, heaps of websites and books and recipe manuals contradict themselves on what is the right ingredients for this diet. I am working on a pretty strict version, to be on the safe side, and I go to my naturopath with questions when I am not sure, before I jump in. There may be people on this forum who disagree even with what I am eating, and me them possibly, I think find one version that makes the most sense (for me, it’s the one on this website with a couple of amends) and stick to that. And keep asking questions.

For breakfast I have been making a cereal from puffed amaranth, puffed quinoa, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sliced almonds, linseed, ground almonds and dessicated coconut. I simply stir it all up and then add rice milk in. It’s delicious and I can honestly say I’ve never looked forward to breakfast more! (store all the seeds in the fridge btw).

For lunch I have salad items – including avocado, tinned tuna (springwater version only)and eggs on some days. I make a dressing from lime or lemon juice, oil sometimes (though usually the lemon is enough for me) or a I dilute almond butter down with a little warm water and use that. It’s my least exciting meal of the day but I have to work so it’s the easiest.

For dinner I am experimenting with a range of ways to use fish, vegetables and some grains, like quinoa or black rice. I have made sauces from almond butter (delicious), the oils that I am using (olive, macadamia & coconut), garlic and heaps of it and I even made my own coconut curry sauce – which felt like a grand achievement! I have been roasting my veggies at times too, which really brings out their flavour. The fish I am mainly baking in tinfoil with similar items to above and loving that too. I am struggling to make the right portion size but as it’s not a high fat evening meal, I’m not too worried about that at the mo.

I’ve mainly used Google as my cooking buddy, it’s amazing what you can find on there, recipe and tips wise. My naturopath told me how to make coconut milk from dessicated coconut – so friggin’ easy! Just place one cup of dessicated coconut in a blender, followed by 2.5 cups of hot water. Blend for 30 secs then sieve the milk out. This is the thicker stuff and it’s great for sauces. Do the same again with the same coocnut and another 2.5 cups of hot water for a thinner milk. I have just been doing it once as I like the more creamy stuff. I then add in some organic curry powder and have a very simple curry sauce for my veggies.

In terms of avoidance – yes I am still avoiding potatoes and I did some research into carrots, asking some nutritionalists and naturopaths and I learnt that raw carrots are okay in moderation but when cooked they turn to sugar quickly and therein lies the problem. I am limiting carrots to three a week maximum, only raw as a snack.

I hope this helps, keep asking questions, I am doing research as I go and happy to share what I am learning.