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Hi Kelly,

I haven’t eaten out yet but when I do, I’ll only go to places where they have a ‘fish of the day’ as that’s easy to explain and shouldn’t go wrong! I’ve let everyone know that I’m doing this diet and they’ve been very supportive. I have been to a friends for dinner and she thinks I’m a great person to be around if you’re dieting!

In terms of sugar cravings, I personally believe you have to just ride them out. I was eating a cake every day and chocolate every evening before I started on this and so I know my body wants more. I haven’t tried stevia yet, I want to get to the point where my body isn’t expecting anything sweet before I give it that. For anything sweet in the future to be a treat, not a habit.

The same goes for other cravings – each craving reflects what the candida wants. I have had some crazzzzzzzzzzzy dreams about platters of cakes, mushrooms, Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets, bowls of cheesy pasta and more, always with me eating them and then being so disappointed in myself for doing so. I wake up with a ‘phew’ on those days. Last week I was strongly craving potatoes – something I rarely ate pre diet so who knows where that came from!?!

If you go away, I would think yes, you’ll be cooking, there is not much to do around that, but that can be enjoyable if you look on each meal as an experiment, not a chore.

And Easter eggs – gggggggggggggggggggahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I realised the other day I’m going to be missing out on my Creme Eggs this year – boooooooo, so sad, but I’m absolutely certain it will be worth it in the long run. And I’ve had plenty of Creme Eggs in the past!

Hope this helps, Zoe