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Update… Cleanse day 4

Experienced moderate headaches the first two days, getting milder over time. Plenty of joint and muscle soreness, depression, some anxiety, and brain fog. Basically felt like I was hungover for 3 days. Starting to feel a bit better on day 4. Only “cheat” was an egg I fried up yesterday. Think I might make another one today. And, I’ve been sauteing kale in coconut oil ahead of schedule, with cayenne pepper, garlic, and salt.

Continuing to take 1 tablet of each of these 3 times a day: Vit C (1g), milk thistle (150mg / 80% silymarin), MAAC, nettles, garden of life “85b” probiotic (28b/capsule), and sacchromyces boulardii (5b/capsule)… plus an anti-cortisol pill with ashwaganda root, phosphatidyl serine, and some other crap in it before bed.

My most pressing question is, how are we supposed to know if a “test food” is ok? If we feel good at first (yeast happy) then we feel bad (die-off reaction)?