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NewDay wrote: So I am really looking forward to being able to eat some new food. I bought coconut flour, coconut and oat bran to start. I was wondering if I eat one of these and if I feel fine after a few day do I really have to wait 2 weeks before adding something new?

Of course you don’t ‘really have to’ … it’s your decision to follow or ignore the information on the forum as you please. Everything on the forum is just a suggestion, and the suggestions on the protocol are from two of us who have experienced Candida and cured it. But I would wait at the very least a few days between adding foods so that in case you have a reaction to one of the foods you’ll hopefully be able to figure out which it was.

Also, I see we are allowed brown rice flour. Does that mean we can also have brown rice pasta?

Only if you wish to play Russian roulette with the possibility of the Candida symptoms increasing again. Rice, whether it’s brown or white is starch, Candida love starch. Organic brown rice flour is completely different from the rice itself; for one thing, it’s a prebiotic, brown rice is not. Plus, brown rice has approximately the same glycemic index as white rice as well as a glycemic index reading which is very close to that of a boiled potato. So if you’re going to add brown rice to your diet, you may as well add white rice and boiled potatoes as there’s very little difference.

Finally, I still haven’t had any natural bowel movement since the beginning of this program 13 days ago. I ended up using a suppository :S four days ago. Still nothing since….Not too sure what to do.

Are you taking a probiotic yet? You might try some of these tips for constipation.