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Hello, Amanda.

Glad to see you’re able to laugh about the ‘starving’ and the need to literally ‘shove’ food that you’re going through right now. As soon as you’ve finished with the detox diet, it’ll be a lot easier if you add foods such as the coconut flour bread which is both filling and nourishing.
The very day you end the detox and decide to add another food item, I would have the bread on hand and ready to eat … devour?

You asked, “Will I experience any die-off symptoms during my week long detox?” If you already have the Molybdenum, I would go ahead and start taking it if you’ve not already, because it is possible to experience die-off reactions during a detox period. As long as you have the Molybdenum as well as taking the entire process very slowly and not rushing the treatment, you shouldn’t have a bad problem with it. If it’s possible, I would also order the Candidate since it can be used as an “immediate” aid for any die-off symptom.

Keep us posted as to your progress, please, you’re doing fine.