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PrettyInPink23 wrote: The probiotic ive had, and realize its not correct, but i will take it till its gone.. renew life 50 billion…vaginal support.

Actually Renew Life at a 50 billion count isn’t that bad a choice for your first probiotic. Definitely take it all as it’ll help more than you know. But I would wait at least another week before taking more of it because, if you stay on the diet as you should, you’ll no doubt experience die-off symptoms and this can show itself in the form of more foggy headedness, and you wrote that you’ve already been experiencing that so you don’t want to make it worse.
The milk thistle will help a bit, but if you have really bad die-off symptoms, it’s not going to be pleasant. So without Molybdenum, you definitely want to take it nice and slow to avoid the toxins as much as possible. Remember that a sauna and/or soaking in a hot tub of water for 20 minutes at a time and drinking as much water as you can manage can help with the die-off as well.