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carla mc
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thanks for the reply…sometimes i ‘fear’ posting.(almost like stage fright-not wanting to bug the experts with more of the same stuff…)
here’s my regimen since early jan (december was full of mistakes like nuts,beans,rice& pumpkin soup)
calcium 250mg 2x day
molybdenum150 mcg 2xday
vitamin c w/rosehips 1000mg 3xday
vitamin d 25 mcg 3xday
folic acid 1000 mcg once a day
antifungals-varied every 10 days-caproil,oil of oregano,grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract.(i take the liquid form of these always.)

drink-filtered water, organic nettle leaf tea,organic peppermint. i keep it down to two tea bags a day…i sip on tea all day, just add more water each time. a few years ago a gynecologist told me too much tea/coffee was the source of all my yeast woes…so i’m trying to moderate it.

tolerated food-
coconut bread (going thru the small recipe of it every 2 days)
fried/scrambled eggs were part of my routine (6 a day) until 2 weeks ago, then my upper belly decided to hurt relentlessly for 3 hours after eating them. still disappointment about that…! at least i can still tolerate them in the coconut bread.
greens veggies any variety. often stirfried. spinach/romaine salad at least once a day. avocados cause the same upper belly pain that eggs do, so i’m avoiding them now.
lots of oils-mainly hi end coconut oil,olive oil,hemp& flax in my salads.(only about a tbsp each of hemp and flax a day)…my coconut oil consumption is up to 7 tbsp a day.maybe more.
braggs-sometimes i fear i may use too much??
occasional pepper use.
some apple cider vinegar too.(once a week)
probiotic(taken at night) 2-3 a day.500 mg…dds with fos.

any suggestions would be welcome. thinking i might need to add more magnesium (ran out a few days ago) zinc or selenium. (all three?)

wishing i could get diagnosed with something other than yeast…the only thing an upper gi scope told the dr was that there was slight redness & swelling (although that was over 2 1/2 months ago…thinking there’s been healing since then.)