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CT wrote: Even with all this I still find that I still suffer from both bloating and constipation. I think that is just part of the candida diet or I am not getting enough fibre?

A lot of people, if not everyone, seems to experience it here. I’ve seen a few members who still complained about it after months into the diet, and they didn’t seem to be making great progress. Maybe it is just a matter of waiting, or maybe it’s an issue with enzymes like Able was suggesting.

The fibre question is hard to answer, since some people respond better to a low-fibre diet initially or just certain kinds of soluble fibre or completely indigestible (even by microbes) fibre like that in flaxseed.

CT wrote: I can’t really give much advice on the fodmap diet helping to prevent constipation because I was the complete oppposite, eating foods like onions or apples gave me diarrhea. I think food intolerance/food sensitivities harm individuals in different ways so if you think a certain food causes a certain problem then leave it out and see if your symptom improves. If you need a good fodmap food list for removing high fructose and fructans I can post one for you if needed. The full list can be in a book by sue sheppherd.

This is part of the problem. I know sesame and other foods I’ve attempted to introduce cause problems, but I don’t know about lemons, eggs, lettuce, cucumber and the other foods I eat daily or frequently. There are many possibilities in there and giving them all up would be impossible. I’m cutting out the onions for now, and I’m going to have to work out a rotation diet avoiding a few foods for a week at a time or something. I think I’ll try an enzyme supplement, like Raster recommends too. Since testing and stuff isn’t an option I guess I’ve just gotta rely on trial and error and stick to my commitment.