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Able900;11666 wrote:
Also, low stomach acids can’t produce enough hydrochloric acid (HCL) and enzymes for proper the digestion of foods also leading to bloating. Because of this, you may want to consider taking a supplement of HCL for a while.

In addition, the Swedish Bitters, zinc, and yucca root may be able to help the problem.


While it’s true I was drinking a lot of water with meals while on the diet and bloating pains were horrible. Perhaps the h2o was diluting stomach acids. However, when I use HCL I get horrible acid indigestion, so I’m a little at a loss. Presently, I’ve upped Probiotics a couple of brands RENEWLIFE 50 billion every other day and up to 3 capsules each of GARDEN OF LIFE Primal Defense and GARDEN OF LIFE RAW Primal Defense and have no bloating nor acid issues presently. Which leaves me confused about HCL and my particular situation…..

Has anyone else gotten horrible acid indigestion from HCL?

My bloating when it comes starts almost immediately from the stomach almost through to the colon….small intestinal bloating.