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Hi, I am using some parts of the fodmap diet to exclude some of the food from the allowed list on this forum. I am only excluding the items that I know I am sensitive to such as fructose and fructans. For example lactose is excluded on the fodmap diet, but I am fine with this so I still eat yoghurt.

Even with all this I still find that I still suffer from both bloating and constipation. I think that is just part of the candida diet or I am not getting enough fibre?

I can’t really give much advice on the fodmap diet helping to prevent constipation because I was the complete oppposite, eating foods like onions or apples gave me diarrhea. I think food intolerance/food sensitivities harm individuals in different ways so if you think a certain food causes a certain problem then leave it out and see if your symptom improves. If you need a good fodmap food list for removing high fructose and fructans I can post one for you if needed. The full list can be in a book by sue sheppherd.

If your reaction to sesame is an intestinal thing rather than allergic that may be because it has an unequal fructose to glucose ratio.