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M;17213 wrote: This post is for all of those who are suffering or have been suffering from balanitis. Have you found any natural remedies that have helped you clear up the problem? I’ve been struggling with this for the past year now, and it hasn’t gotten any better at all during this time. I’ve tried three different topical creams, and I’ve been on the diet for four months but it still hasn’t shown any signs of clearing up. What can I do?

Last year when I went to see a dermatologist, she recommended a skin biopsy, which according to her was inconclusive and/or nothing more than sebaceous glands if I remember correctly. Yet, this started at the same time as all my other ‘candida’ symptoms. The itching and slight burning sensation that I experienced last year have gone, but the blotchy redness still hasn’t cleared up.

You gonna need an effective long term systemic drug. Candida is inside the cells and there is nothing topical that can reach it. What occur on the penis glans after an active yeast infection is an intracellular candidiasis. The only way to correct it is taking an effective systemic drug for several months until it clear up. You need a MD who prescribes it and check your liver periodically.