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Has your doctor not suggested any medication?

I have now had a bad case twice. The first was 4 years ago. The doctor I saw wasnt any help so I did it naturally.

What worked for me was:
1. raw garlic – i would crush it then swallow it in pieces
2. coconut oil – I applied this directly but also ate it with a spoon. Others use it in cooking.
3. apple cider vinegar – i would mix with water and drink. Also i would dilute and apply directly. By the end I could handle it fairly strong without it hurting too much.

I have just had it again and I tried the above and it helped a bit but I also went to a different doctor and got some antibacterial tablets as well as antihistamines and some antibiotics. I took them the in the morning and I can see noticable improvement tonight

Also all i have eaten is cabbage and broccoli.

Good Luck – this condition really sucks and is so hard to get rid of!