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Feelinbetter;48680 wrote: Thanks so much for sharing!!! I came on the forum tonight feeling discouraged that after 30 days I am not better and still feeling crappy and even wondering if this crazy thing is worth it… The cookies I baked for my hubby and son are looking soooo good and I am so sick of salad and…ok now I’m rambling. All that to say you have encouraged me to continue and given me the strength to walk away from the cookie platter knowing that it will get better… And like you I would hate for all the misery of the past 30 days to go to waste 🙂 congrats on being strong and taking charge of your health!

It is great that I can help someone!!
You hit the nail on the head. Take control of your health!!
You can do it! Choose life.
Congrats on lasting 30 days.

PS you can buy baking stevia, Sugar free cocoa, Coconut flour etc and make a fantastic chocolate cake / muffins and other nice treats to eat.
The brilliant thing about baking with coconut flour is it is exceptionally high in fibre so it will also help you stay regular. Let me know if you would like a recipe or two.

Congrats again!!