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Rhaily;47903 wrote: There’s a section on Nystatin enemas in ‘The Yeast Syndrome’by John Trowbridge MD. He says its purpose is to “bring the killing power of Nystatin into direct contact with yeast growing in the colon” He says it can be extremely effective. Excellent book!

People get alarmed when I advice Nystatin enemas. I didn’t invented it. I have told many many times that they are documented and the ONLY possible way of reaching the colon effectively.

Let give you an example, myself. I have taken ALL antifungal available orally. The most extravagant and crazy antifungal combination by mouth, powerful things but never could eliminate it.

An idea, I have taken 600 mg of Ketoconazole a day combined with Ibuprofen, lactoferrin, 6 or 7 millions of Nystatin refrigerated powder diary, all together for several months. Fluconazole, Itraconazole, combined with Lamisil and Lufenuron, etc The natural products, I have taken all of them 4 or 5 times more than the recommended dosages. All this wasn’t enough to combat the yeast living in the colon. It was only when I began to inject Nystatin solution in my colon, when the fungus began to get out.. Since that, I was improving and improving until I reach a point where I left it.

You all have tools. Me and other guys have left our experience and research in the forums. I am doing it only for bringing help. I can spend my time doing another thing without posting here.

I hope you be ready to experiment as I did because this syndrome is terrible and you deserve your health.