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Able900 wrote:

Able feels that you need to make your pH more acidic:

The reason that I believe that is because we do this when following the protocol on the forum. The probiotics that we take during the treatment contain billions of colony forming units of beneficial bacteria, such as acidophilus, and are actually called Lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria release natural acids in our intestines and colon thus creating an acidic pH environment in which they thrive but in which the Candida cannot survive.


This brings up a topic which has confused me for some time now (one of many).

From my understanding an acidic body pH creates disease. Many think one needs to get the body to a more alkaline state for healing: thus lemon water which is acidic but, alkalizing to the body (which confuses me as well). Yet, as you state candida likes alkaline environments and a trick to healing is to make things more acidic. Further complicating this puzzle are sugars are acidic and yet favor candida.

Water is neutral around 7.0 pH….chlorophyll is very close to good blood pH at 7.3…

Baking soda is alkalizing from my understanding: perhaps the fizzing is from lemon/acids combining with the BS.

I realize there is a lot behind the protocol which isn’t fully explained but, is within the protocol nonetheless. I for one thank you for that but, it would be interesting to figure this confusing stuff out as well……