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I Googled Curcumin and Candida and got to this thread because I am preparing to do a strict diet protocol and am considering what supplements to keep taking and what to not take while doing the diet.

One of the Wiley articles shared by dvjorge about this is

ends with:
We provide the first evidence that pure CUR-I in combination with azoles and polyenes represents a novel therapeutic strategy to improve the activity of common antifungals.

dvjorge also said, “I have used it in the past. It is synergistic with the azoles and polyenes but induces apoptosis. You need to take high doses of Vitamin C to control or reverse it.”

Wondering what high dose of Vit C might suffice? I am taking about 3,000 mg per day of Allergy C because my system will not tolerate other C formulas.

We take Natural Factors Curcumin Rich, Curcumin, Theracurmin 300 mg daily for joint pain but am wondering about continuing it when I begin my Strict Candida Diet Protocol.

That product is so expensive and I would rather take real food instead of supplements.

I really prefer REAL FOOD over supplements so I might rather juice some fresh turmeric root with my green veggies and add some pepper in to help absorption. Only have no idea how much mg wise might be useful.

Anyone using or does anyone know more about Curcumin and Candida?