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flailingWcandi;39864 wrote:

Point being: it’s not like we CRC’s have the plague. Candida is everywhere and our “mates” have been exposed throughout their life. Keeping them healthy and their immune system boosted will help prevent them from having a problem along with perhaps a probiotic might be in order as well. Who knows, I’m no expert. However, everything above is true.

Able checked it out my story about humans/birds and found other cases of human/bird candida transmissions, so if it can be ‘transmitted’ between species – it certainly can and will be and issue between humans/lovers/couples, etc…..

IMHO, if one in a couple has candida, there’s a high probability the other has “it” to a degree as well: there’s no way to avoid it, particularly over a long term thing. Yet, treatment is such a By&%H anyway, it could be encouraging for a couple to go through treatment together: making it a journey which brings them closer together rather than point fingers and destroy relationships: could make a bond much closer than without it. A blessing in disguise.

Hi flailing, thank you for the input. How interesting and insightful to hear about the bird/human transmission! I agree with your philosophy regarding a couple going through treatment together, and am trying to jump start my boyfriend’s treatment. Since we do not live together yet, this has been a struggle. I found out this morning that he had a banana for breakfast, and I cringed. I feel like a pain preaching what I’ve learned so far, but he needs to hear it and hopefully follow my plan.

As always, thanks everyone for your valuable input regarding this topic.

My one concern/worry now is… what if I cure myself, however slow that process may take, but your significant other has not? Would that set someone back who is following the protocol and doing all the right things to get healed?