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Scary part about stress is you don’t need to be stressed for that long of a time to see negative repercussions. I was only stressed for 3 weeks before I started seeing bad stuff happening. But we are taking the really bad stress. The kind that causes adrenalin to pump through your body all day. Body can cope with regular stress over long periods of time better than extreme stress over a short period of time. Your body is basically in fight or flight mode constantly. That system is there to keep you alive in case say a bear was chasing you lol. Extreme stress can trigger that and release excess cortisol. I wouldn’t say university/college would cause any of that. A loved one passing? Possibly yes.

I can’t really find any organic chicken either that hasn’t been pumped with antibiotics so I try to eat it as seldom as possible for now. I also can’t find probiotics on the list where I live either. I would just buy a good quality kefir in your supermarket that has the lowest sugar content. All kefir will have some sugar in it because that is what the beneficial bacteria feed on to reproduce. So most of the sugar is gone after the fermentation process. But it’s still best to go with the lowest amount cause some brands add sugar to make it taste better afterwards.