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the first time i ate coconut oil ,all i had was a very headache over the eyebrows, and a low grade fever.
digestion is definitely not the major problem currently atleast i think so its the immune system(it is really really weak)or maybe liver, i think that’s why the toxins were first flushed out through the shortest route that is via mouth coz it couldn’t process it through the natural path.

You are describing what I’m going through right now almost perfectly. My headache is right over my eyebrows as well and I too have a low grade fever. Forehead feels very warm.

I honestly think doctors don’t want to acknowledge the issue of candida because they also would have to acknowledge the adverse effects of antibiotics on the body. They therefore couldn’t prescribe it like candy therefore making their jobs more difficult.

Milk thistle is very good for your liver if you can find that. It helps repair and heal the liver and yes the toxins will find a way out eventually. One of my big issues right now is constipation which is the worst thing you can have. The toxins that are created dry out your stool. I’ve resorted to herbal tea laxative but I don’t want to become dependent on it either. Tough balance