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Thank you Able for responding so promptly to my message yesterday. I have started on the molybdenum and am beginning embarking on my journey. I went to three different health food stores to buy all of the vitamins/probiotics/anti fungals needed. But I was pretty overwhelmed and questioning everything. I searched in many different posts and found some specific brand recommendations to buy on amazon and some ingredients being acceptable and others not. And some posts that conflicted with some ingredients that were allowed in supplements.

So I wanted to ask if these are ok?

Capryl- caprylic acid from mineral caprylates.
It has calcium(as caprylates) 162 mg
Magnesium (as caprylate) 82 mg
Zinc( as caprylate) 7 mg
Caprylic acid (from calcium, magnesium and zinc caprylates) 2,163 mg
Other ingredients: vegetable fiber, vegetable cellulose capsule, and magnesium stearate

Natures way
Milk thistle
It has milk thistle extract (seed) 80% silhmarin
Blessed thistle (stem, leaf, flower) 150 mg
Other ingredients gelatin capsule, cellulose

Grapefruit seed extract
It has Vitamin c (as orbit acid) 140mg
Vitamin e (100% natural d- alpha tocopherol succinate) 20 iu
Zinc ( as amino acid chelate) 20 mg
Grapefruit seed extra t 250 mg
Other ingredients: gelatin capsule, cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate

Are those all ok or do you recommend a specific brand instead?

I think my garlic, molybdenum, oil of oregano, and coconut oil are all good based on your recommendations.

Now for the others:
Vitamin c
Magnesium and calcium
A and d
Vitamin e
Digestive Swedish bitters
Apo-lactose rein
Yucca root

Can you give me a specific brand for these and I will just order off amazon exactly what you say.

For the probiotic I will get megaflora. For the probiotics, should I just get yucca root or do I need to get other supplements?

For the general mineral supplement with selenium, what would you recommend?

Sorry for bombarding you guys with questions, I just want to start everything properly with the right products needed, and I’m lost in vitamin stores. Thank you for all of your support and knowledge!