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Not all of your symptoms are completely candida related. The skin conditions can possibly be related to your liver not working/detoxing properly or deficiencies in stomach acid. Your body detoxes via 3 basic methods…via the skin, via the lungs, and via the bowels (liver). When your liver doesn’t work well your body will start detoxing via the other methods.

The headaches are likely related to inflammation of the gut…when your stomach gets inflamed, this can cause inflammation of the brain. There is a very strong gut-mind connection.

The fatigue is likely related to your adrenals being drained and/or partially your thyroid not working at its best. This is pretty typical when something wears down your body and if you consume caffeine for long periods of time.

The anxiety can be related to not having enough essential fatty acids. A way to remedy this is to take these fatty acids and it should improve or go away over time. Examples include fermented cod liver oil, omega’s, flax oil, ps-100, ps+, etc. This can occur when toxins damage the brain and erode the fatty tissue that protects it. Certain foods/substances can damage these fatty cells as well such as corn, wheat, sugar, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Why do you take antibiotics every 8 months? Is it because you are ill?

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