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Hey there people!

Yesterday I eat 3-4 small leafs of salad with Apple Cider Vinegar that I thought it was prepared by my mother, while actually our cousin prepared it. It turns out that the apple cider vinegar that was used in that salad might have been non-organic.
Then around 10 pm I started feeling that strange aroma in my mouth that I haven’t felt since early December (when I wasn’t on the diet), and I couldn’t sleep that night and eventually fell a sleep after 2 hours of just laying there in bed and being angry, anxious and depressed.

So I was wondering if this possibly might have been a reaction on a non-organic apple cider vinegar? And how far back I’ve step within the diet in case it really was a non-organic one? 🙁

I am really strict with Able’s and Raster’s protocol/strict diet, and it really hurts me to think that I’ve possibly ruined it to some greater extent, yet I was trying so hard 🙁