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Tuberose wrote: Hi all, I’m new to this forum. Let me start by telling you a bit about my son, he is 13 , autistic and non verbal. Up until last year he was overweight, ate everything with no problems, no allergies to anything etc. Then suddenly he started to pool saliva in his mouth and not swallow , then it became food he would do the same with.. Slowly he started to lose weight. He lost a lot of weight and was not eating mid July last year. We booked him for an endoscopy and he was diagnosed with a rare condition called eosinophillic esophogitis . This disease was new to us. The gastro only told us it means he has food allergies and we must try and find what is causing it. We struggled for a whole year with his eating, sometime he would eat sometimes he wouldn’t. In march we had a second endoscopy as he was not eating again, this time it showed esinophils in the duodenum as well and small ulcerations. We we’re still told it’s food or envormental allergies despite us trying everything. All this time he was taking flixotide a steroid puffer used for asthma. This is taken as a swallowed steroid in which he dry swallows it to coat the esophagus and reduce inflammation. Of course, it wasn’t working. So he was put on a short course of prednisone. Tha reduced inflammation for a while but symptoms soon returned. I am now convinced my son has this condition as a result of candida and not food allergies. Nothing seems to match the diseases presentation. I have spoken to many mums and most of them are mums of babies and small kids with other allergies too since birth. This is not my sons situation! There is no pattern other than his symptoms seem worse after he eats sweet foods like honey and jam etc. We have sent his stools to metametrix in the USA (we are in Australia) for detailed testing. Results should be back in two weeks time. Meanwhile, I would like to know if any of you have been told you have a food allergy and then found out it’s candida? I am really convinced all this is because of candida overgrowth in his gut from years of antibiotics, junk food and recently steroids. It all adds up and makes sense. Thanks for reading.

It is almost sure he has a fungal overgrowth.
Do you know why people with chronic intestinal candidiasis react to many food ??

When a fungal overgrowth occur, the immune system gets out of balance with a depressed cell mediated immunity and a hyperactive humoral immune response.
An increased humoral response is an overactive antibody production and a hypersensitive state. It means that you will be very sensitive to anything that touch your body including normal food.
Treating the fungal overgrowth and balancing the immune system correct this hyper sensitive state and the intestinal inflammation.

You should read this book :