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blahh;54758 wrote: First of all UGH!
I’ve been suffering from constipation for almost a month now and I’m dying over here.
Im also confused as to wether I should take laxatives or not? Would that be damaging things further? I am already hooked on magnesium oxide. but sometime that doesn’t work. And I’m so sick of being bloated 100% of the time and all backed up. It is no life to live!
I know that elimination is super important but I’m scared to mess up my body more than it already is.
Any Advice? stories? support?
Is this normal? I was really healthy eating paleo and all of a sudden I added bananas and peanuts into my diet and BAM, candida took over and my digestions just stopped.

I am all too familiar with this.

1. Constipation is a result of crippled gut flora, you are essentially missing key species of beneficial flora and/or a candida overgrowth.

2. Magnesium Oxide helps BM’s because it irritates the intestinal lining. Therefor you shouldn’t use this often. Magnesium Citrate(pills) would be a non-irritating alternative, but it may not have the same effect as the oxide.

3. Do NOT use stimulant laxatives (Senna tea/pills, bisacodyl, etc.). These can cause long term damage to the intestines.

For those with long-term chronic constipation I would recommend:

-PED (Polyethylene Glycol) (e.g Miralax) This is a safe long term stool softener and disrupts microbial biofilms

-Home enema kit (Bucket, bag, etc.) do not use store bought. You can also add pro-biotics, nystatin, etc.

-Eat fermented vegetables (Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, etc.) Make these at home as even store bought ferments only have selected strains of bacteria that only survive temporarily in the intestinal tract. Homemade ferments will have many strains that can re-inoculate the intestines.

Constipation is NOT normal but it is common in folks with intestinal dysbiosis.

Good luck!