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amack1841 wrote: Has anyone experienced chronic constipation before and after starting the Candida diet? I feel better in other areas but no matter how many vegies I eat I still cant “go”. Ive had this problem for yrs. Ive tried everything!!! Nothing works unless I take several laxatives. I thought the Candida diet was the answer to my prayers but now Im not so sure. Any thoughts?

I’m new here and learning about all this myself but I do know of 2 different natural sources that combat constipation. The elders here could tell you whether these are not allowed in the candida diet.

The first is chlorella. A marine algae taken for its high protein content and its ability to remove heavy metals from the human body. In amounts of usually about 2 to 4 grams [4 to 8 ’00’caps] constipation turns to normal or wet stool.

The other is He Shou Wu, also called Fo-Ti. This is a Chinese remedy and 1 of the 10 great Chinese herbs. Please google it to see if it is right for you.

Be well.