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I suspected such. In years past, was able to track a 95 and showed a chart to my Dr who wasn’t interested – d’oh. It’s no fluke though. It ties into the endocrine system: Adrenal/thryoid. You might check out this site for more information on hypothyroid.

I suspected as much mainly from your histamine reaction and comment about flu like symptoms. I suspect the histamine reaction is from mycotoxins in the blood and the resulting hyper immune response trying to deal with them. If I get a mosquito bite, they immediately turn into a HUGE red hive like bump: this has been going on for well over a decade. Had the same reaction to a TB skin test, which way back when the dr thought I had intestinal TB from the positive result. Only recently discovered, mycotoxins or rather mycosis will give a false positive to the TB skin test (xrays proved no TB ever in my lungs).

There are other forum members dealing with low basal/body temps who are better qualified to speak on these matters (you might drop javizy or latka a pm). A couple of weeks ago basal was at 97.1 and started using turmeric/ginger to try to fire up the body heat which has resulted in basal going up to 97.7. I’ll take any improvement. I can tell when it’s low as I feel like I have a body flu, red puffy eyes and huge dark bags under them. When it’s above 98.0 I feel so much better and the darkness in the bag disappears and eyes are white again. I also use a lot of ashwagada to help regulate stress response and mood stabilization.

From my understanding this also suggests our metabolism is weak, since the endocrine system is a major metabolism regulator, which allows food to ferment in our guts.

Do you experience rapid and dramatic weight fluctuations?

Anyone with more insight on how to correct adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid, please chime in as I know us two are FAR from the only forum members dealing with low body temps,etc…..Someone suggested I see an endocrinologist which I can’t really afford.

At least you and me know we aren’t alone but, low body temps are just as horrible if not worse than fevers for me….I just feel awful which prohibits being able to function enough to handle any protocol.