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Thanks again that’s a lot of great info. Clearly from your post I see that stress is a huge factor in adrenal function, which makes logical sense, too. I should add to my “story” that when this started 2.5 years ago (or I should say, when I began noticing the changes in my skin) I was under a tremendous amount of stress. My partner, whom I had lived with for the prior 10 years was dying of cancer, my financial situation was tense and I had to deal with some legal situations regarding people related to my partner that were particularly viscous. I weathered those storms as best as possible and my partner was able to pass peacefully and lovingly as she/we desired, but the legal affairs are only now coming to a close. I have been able to rectify my financial situation, so I have cut down significantly on the outside stress factors. I knew at the time those situations were taking a toll on my health, but I had to do what I had to do and be grateful things were as good as they were considering.

Let me ask you this, what do you do to support your adrenals and thyroid? Take particular supplements and/or diet…