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I’ve seen forum members have die-off for a very long time. The thing is, from my experience, is that you have to tough it out and go hard at the candida with antifungals despite how awful you feel. Increase your doseage every day by one drop or so and eventually most of the candida will die and you won’t get anymore. But if you are doing antifungals at low levels persitently over time, it won’t get you anywhere because there’s so much more yeast.

Relating to this, you can prevent die-off and make it tolerable. It all lies in supporting the liver and kidneys; protecting and healing them. Molybdenum, milk thistle, dandelion, and juniper berries all do this. There are more herbs that support the liver as well. If you are keeping the toxins in the body, they won’t go anywhere, atleast quickly. You need to detox them and this is the key to reducing die off. There is also some detox teas that help greatly as well that I’ve tried.

Sweating out the toxins also helps because your skin is the bodies largest organ…this will reduce the load on the liver and kidneys allowing them to recover. You remove the toxins from the body via 3 methos; through the lungs, through the bowels, and through the skin.

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