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After going through my previous posts I saw this helpful information that raster posted:

I would consider finishing your bottle of multivitamins and then stop and move on to getting individual vitamins. For instance, biotin is pretty important for the diet and its not easy to get this in your diet…same goes with vitamin C.

There are a lot of vitamins that necessary to get better. For instance, if you have leaky gut, the best way to reduce the inflammation is to take anti-inflammatory supplements such as fermented cod liver oil (or regular). This is way more strong than almost all food grade sources. Additionally, sf722 which is a fatty acid, is one of the best long term antifungals to have on the diet and is quite effective. Enzymes or digestive bitters help break down the foods you eat and these are quite important for healing the gut and improving the digestion. A good probiotic is also very essential to get better because it’ll contain strains that aren’t found in the kefir (we have a probiotics post on the sticky tab). Most candida sufferers are deficient in stomach acid and taking betaine HCL helps break down the food you eat, and destroys pathogens/parasites in the gut, etc. creating a better environment for digestion. These basically are the most essential supplements and its hard to replace them with food grade sources.

One thing I know about cactus is that its good for the heart, but I haven’t heard about its other healing properties.

Also, for me, spinach is hard to digest so if this is coming up undigested in the stool, you might want to avoid it.


I guess I will wait until I start taking the many supplements I ordered. Hopefully I see improvement.