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Based on my situation please let me know if you continue to think I should wait to take the SF722 and how you feel about me introducing other new things. I want to start eating unsweetened coconut shreds, too.

It looks like you’ve only been on the diet for about 12 days. I still think you should take it very slowly because of the problem with diarrhea which you’ve experienced in the past.
Remember that the diet itself will continue to work as an antifungal, this means that it will continue to kill the Candida. This is especially true since you’re eating Brussels sprouts, garlic, and coconut oil; all of these act as antifungals along with the diet. This all means that I don’t think you should start the SF722 yet but just allow things to progress as they will on your present regimen.

There’s no reason not to start eating the coconut shreds whenever you wish; just start with a very small amount.

At the two week mark on the diet, start the supplements (vitamins only) one at a time leaving four days between each one. This will allow you to be aware if anything is upsetting your digestion and exactly what it is. As far as the doses and when to take them is concerned, this is all in the Vitamims & Minerals section of the protocol. It doesn’t really matter which supplement you start with.