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Hello Able,

I had the kefir once yesterday to hopefully tame the diarrhea and have been ingesting significant amounts of brussels sprouts and garlic because I have not received any die-off reactions that I experienced with these food in the past (bloating, gas, etc.). I have read the protocol many times over. I will take your advice and not eat any more of these items (I will feel pretty stupid if the antifungals are the reason for my problem). Raster advised to finish the multi-vitamin I was currently taking. I would have stopped but during day two I started feeling extremely weak. I feel a lot better now and will eliminate the multivitamin I take.

Questions for you:
1. Should I start taking all supplements that do not have a specified start date on the Vitamins, Herbs & other Supplements page ( as soon as I receive them?

2. How long should I take the cal/mag/zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin C supplement, and yucca tea?

I would love to send you the different things I’ve purchased (all on the Protocol) with suggestions. Should I start another topic to do so?

I’m extremely happy you responded! You and your advice are my life force right now 🙂