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Thanks for your answer, I see that you have had a rough time yourself, and I am glad that you feel better.
I want to tell you, for me the hardest part about this process is to go through very intense and changing symptoms (now pain in the chest, a “toxic” feeling in the body, tiredness and tiredness), without knowing, or feeling, that I am doing right. Yes, listening to the body is the best, but the body lately seems to be just saying “no, no, no”, to all this. Then, I try to talk to the body, and say that we are doing this together, to get healthy and feel better.
But underneath there is a doubt: am I wrong, and what I believe is candida (and hold on to this idea, because there I have no other one… what is going on with me?), is actually something completely different?
This answer I cannot get from my body at the moment!
So for the moment, as I continue with the diet, I have decided also to do a blood test, and a few other exams, which I havenĀ“t done for many years, to check how are things generally in the body.
I wish to you and to the people on this forum to find their full energy and joy of life, and to hold on to healthiness, and not candida anymore!